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Melbourne Photo Booth Hire Kids!

Only a handful of years ago it was only those kids lucky enough to have parents with large disposable incomes who got to have a photo booth hire for their special event.

With photo booth hire Melbourne prices coming down every year and the interest in photo booths growing it wasn’t long before kids started to become a real market for the photo booth industry. These days it’s become a common place to find a photo booth instead of that clown or a jumping castle we were always used to seeing.

It’s no wonder though really that kids and photo booths are such a good fit. On the one hand kids love to be silly whilst having their pictures taken. They also have lots of energy and aren’t easily bored by doing the same thing over and over again which makes hiring a photo booth with unlimited prints for the duration of the hire, good value for money.

Then on the other hand for the parents and other adults attending the event they have the perfect babysitter. Not to forget that the photo booth can also put up with screaming children and never needs a break. Which means the grown ups can also enjoy the event with much of the stress taken out of the days activities. It’s truly a win – win all round.

As the kids market has grown so have the photo booth options for them. No longer must they sit on booster seats or extra chairs to have their image captured in a photo booth made for adults. Now there are mini photo booths like our Instabooth Mini made just to fit all the little people as well as the little at heart!

If you’re looking for a suitable photo booth for your child’s next event be sure to use The Instabooth mini.

Contact us today and don’t forget to take a look at the mini booth before locking in your event.


  • Try to hire an unattended photo booth (ie no attendant) as they are better suited to deal with kids because kids and strangers are not a god mix!
  • Always check with the operator first on their childrens policy as not all can or will cater to kids only events
  • Hire a photo booth that is physically suitable for kids (child seats or lower set cameras etc)


June 1, 2017



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