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Top Tips For The Best Melbourne Photo Booth Hire Poses

Over the last 10yrs we have seen first hand some of the best (and worst!) photo booth poses out there. So the team at The Instabooth have put our heads together and devised 5 tips for the best possible Photo Booth pose. Follow the steps below when you grab a prop and strike a pose:

1. Get Creative – Forget the obvious things like a silly expression or sticking your tongue out because everyone does that! Think of something a little left of centre and/or funny. For instance if you’re known to talk a lot use your mobile phone as a prop and be totally engrossed in a fictional conversation. Let your imagination take control!

2. Tell a Story – Most photo booths will print photo strips with multiple images so think of anstory line you can play out in a few shots before you get in. You could be fishing and reel in a big one. Think of it like an old school cartoon strip. 

3. Use Props – Often there is a props box to aide you in this but if not refer back to step 1 and get creative. Find something or someone and use them to great effect. Once again use that imagination, its the number 1 thing in that perfect photo booth session.

4. Practice – Master your photo booth posing craft by taking every opportunity to use one. The best photo booth posers are the serial photo booth offenders.

5. Keep it Classy – It’s all to easy to let your naughty mind take over and allow you to do poses normally associated with the mind of an adolescent boy. We urge you to do what you please but remember someone else will probably have to look at that photo!

So there you have it our top 5 tips to ensure you strike the very best poses the next time you’re in a photo booth hire Melbourne.

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June 1, 2017



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