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Photo Booth Hire Christmas Party

Top Reasons To Hire A Photo Booth For A Work Christmas Party

Photo Booth Hire Christmas Party

We at the Instabooth are already in the swing of taking those Christmas party bookings so its about the time of the year to start looking into Christmas Party Photo Booth Hire. These are our top reasons for photo booth hire Christmas party:

1. Staff Entertainment

Let’s be honest the staff Christmas party can be a pretty stale affair. You’ve worked with these people all year and the holiday season finally comes around with some well needed respite but the last hurdle is making it through the party with your colleagues. Unless of course there is a nifty machine in the corner which brings oodles of joy and unrestrained laughter with every visit to distract the guests all night long! A photo booth can entertain like no other and ensures that there is plenty to talk about.

2. Remembrance

One of the pit falls of the staff Christmas party is having to spend the event with colleagues can lead you to drink in excess. This often results in waking up with no memory of the alleged things that transpired during the course of the evening. Staff often spend the next days back at work trying to piece together what they all did from the small snippets of lucid memory each has retained. The photo booth resolves all this by documenting and tracking everyone through out the course of the night and giving everyone the memories to take home.


3. Christmas Present

Everyone has been in the position of receiving some sort of small token Christmas gift from an employer and had to put on that less than genuine smile. Of course they wont keep it instead they will re-gift to someone they don’t much like or donate it. A photo booth is a much more welcome and generous gift for an employee. In fact it’s the staff gift that keeps on giving as it pints on the spot allowing staff to bring home pics of themselves to remind them that they made it through another year of employment.


So there you have it what more do you need to know to be convinced that your boss absolutely has to hire a photo booth for your upcoming Christmas party. With so much choice and varying price points it doesn’t matter whether you work for a major corporate or a small family business every work Christmas party needs a photo booth! So cue sure to contact us today and don’t miss out for you Christmas party!



June 4, 2017



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