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Expo Photo Booths Melbourne

Expo Photo Booths Melbourne

Expos have always been a great way to generate new leads and customers if you can get them to actually step into your booth. Most expos have hundreds of attendants which can make it hard to stand out with the same old pop up banner and branded table cloth.

You might also be part of an industry that may not always be seen as “fun” which makes it hard to get people to engage with your booth. There is only so much swag you can give out year over year. This is obviously the point where we tell you that adding a photobooth to your expo stand will make it awesome but I promise you this isn’t blog fluff, this is tried and tested in the real world.

CASE STUDY – Education Expo for Bostik

Challenge accepted. Education isn’t a word that generally instills joy and thoughts of fun in many people. This expo, in particular, was a show where companies present to school principals. Most of the booths all look the same, branded backdrop, branded table, flyers and representatives trying to get school representatives to pick there product.


We created custom props for this company that would speak to their clients. These consisted of industry inside jokes, objects and we made up some funny awards as well. Every industry has inside jokes and you should see peoples faces light up when the read all of signs that relate to them.

The company colours we were representing was green so we decided to stick to the brand colours and make some of the accessories in their main colour. We love keeping the booth pictures looking consistent while fun at the same time.



With our massive collection of backdrops we were also able to match the background of all the images to the overall brand identity of the company.

We opted to go with a sequin backdrop in order to attract people to the booth as it stands 7 feet tall. People love sparkly things and are naturally drawn to them so what better way to help our clients draw those principals in.


You are probably thinking this all looks great but what ended up happening?

  • It ended up being a super busy booth with lot’s of interaction with people.
  • The funny signs created an ice breaker with guests and lead to a nice natural interaction for the brand.
  • The branded prints ended up being one of the favourite take aways and to this day, we have been told, that they are still on peoples desks and fridges (people always keep thee strips it works way better than a business card)
  • People were sharing their images like crazy on their personal Facebook pages (to see the impact that a Facebook share can have check out this post)
  • The client received amazing feedback about the booth including emails saying how awesome the booth was, which also lead to the perfect interaction for our client to seal the deal with many schools.

If you have an upcoming expo you are looking at adding something that draws the eye be sure to get in contact with us today!



September 25, 2017



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