Photo Booth Melbourne

Our Story

Way back in July of 2013 The Instabooth was born.

We as photographers were working an event and this shiny machine in the corner caught our eye. We quickly investigated and were amazed at how people reacted to the photo booth and how much joy it brought everyone who used it.

Long story short a few months later and many late nights (with our engineering buddies) we had our first “Instabooth” (which is now what you know as The Instabooth Classic) Three years later and our Instabooth Classics are still as popular as ever and our passion for making people smile and enjoy taking photos hasn’t wavered.

Our team has since grown to what we like to call the ‘Squad’.  Now our squad love coming to your events, helping you use the booth and most of all making sure everyone has a great time within our photo booths.
If your looking for a photo booth company that cares, has been around for a while and most importantly have the photo booths that are Australian made and of course know how to use them!

Then call us to arrange a quote and see how we can make your next event one to remember!